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After writing her first novel in fifth grade--the first page of which was entirely in Pig Latin--Trisha Bartle spent much of her life ensconced in words. Though she came out of college with a degree in video game development, her eye was always on writing. She has won various awards for her fiction, including first place in the Creative Quill writing contest for her short story, "The Walk". Over the last few years, she's dedicated her time to working on her beauty blog,, and writing books about beauty. She's currently in the editing stages of her first official novel as an adult. Trisha Bartle resides amidst the mountains of Montana.

As a full time freelance writer, Trisha has focused her career on the pursuit of success and creativity. She has won awards for her fiction and has been published both online and in print.

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Trisha also has a passion for makeup and beauty.  She learned, after much trial and error, that she could do certain things to make herself look infinitely better.  One of those things involved eyebrow beauty and grooming.  Well constructed eyebrows really did wonders for her face.

Makeup is a pretty big deal to Trisha, and she even has a blog dedicated to the topic.  To learn more about makeup and beauty in general, check out her blog, Makeup Files.

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